This article has content that is best suited for those with the following roles in the system:


1. From the homepage, select an item to grade from the "To-do" list.

2. A grading window will open.  At the top, we can see the assignment information which includes the student’s name, lesson, semester, submitted date, and the amount of time they spent on the activity while working in Buzz.  There are also the links to view the scoring and submission history along with the analytics for this activity. 

You can see more details about this submitted assignment by clicking the name of the assignment that is linked in blue.

3. The grading section allows you to apply the appropriate credit for the student’s submitted assignment.  You can choose to save your grading work as a draft which will keep this item in your grading to-do list or you can submit the score which will provide the student a grade and remove it from your to-do list.  Teachers can also excuse a student from an assignment, and allow for a retry on this assignment. 

4. In the feedback section, teachers can provide specific notes that are both visible to the student that they can reference and private notes that are not visible to the student.  Teachers are able to create feedback templates for comments that are used repeatedly.  If you have already created templates, they will be rolled into the upgrade and will be still ready for you to use.  Teachers can also attach a document to return to the student with the returned attachment feature.

This is an example of an assessment.  Teachers can view both the exam question and student answer.

This is an example of a discussion post.  At this time, teachers are not able to reply to the discussion thread from the grading view.