This article has content that is best suited for those with the following roles in the system:


Buzz Training for Teachers Webinar Recording


Quick Start Guides*

1.  Teacher Tool Breakdown and Buzz Glossary of Features

2.  How to Enter Grades

3.  How to Use the Grade Editor

(to quickly review and update grades)

4. How to Use the Performance Tool 

(to view the gradebook for each course)

5. How to Manage Data in the People Tool 

6. How to Create and Use Feedback Templates

Advanced Features*

1. How to Create Agendas for Students

2. How to Create and Manage Student Groups

3. How to Create Announcements

4. How to Use the Clipboard

5. How to Create Audio/Video Feedback for Students

6. How to Use the Activity Grader 

(to access and edit all student scores for a specific assignment)

*Currently, we are linking to the Agilix Community for help desk articles as Buzz receives weekly system updates.  These resources contain the most accurate information on how to use Buzz.