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There is a student orientation section located in the GETTING STARTED folder of each course. The student orientation helps students with the following topics:

  • navigate their course in Buzz (the learning management system)
  • understand expectations and requirements
  • review policies and procedures
  • understand what it means to be a Christian Digital Citizen
  • complete student orientation assignments

Completing courses online could be a new adventure for students and very challenging. Encourage them to pray about it, stick with it, and ask for help from their teachers. Help them to make plans to complete all of their assigned work on time, and allow themselves time to complete projects and prepare for exams. Your support with time management and expectations will help them to be successful with working online.

Students will be expected to submit a proctor form that identifies the school designated proctor for their semester exams. 

Click here to learn about Proctors and Passwords for Exams