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*** All mid-terms and finals are password protected. ***

To maintain the academic integrity of all our online assessments, students are required to have each mid-term and final exam proctored by an adult. Those students who have enrolled through their school should seek guidance and approval from their school for their proctors. Those students who have direct enrollments either as a homeschooler or academy student must locate a non-family member adult to serve as a proctor.


This proctor form should be submitted by THE STUDENT as the first assignment in EACH of their courses. It is expected that this form will be completed and submitted within the first two weeks of the course, and will not be accepted by email or fax. The student will not be permitted to take the mid-term or final exam without this completed form. The teacher will email the password for each exam to the designated proctor ONLY. The password cannot be obtained by contacting the tech support team, or any other personnel.

Parents/Guardians cannot serve as a student proctor. Only in very special circumstances will a family member be accepted as a proctor (for example, missionaries traveling abroad in remote areas where there are no other possible adults that can serve as an exam proctor).

Only an adult that is unrelated to a student may serve as a proctor. Acceptable proctors may be one of the following:

  • Local elementary, middle, or high school teacher, school counselor or administrator

  • Local or school librarian

  • Pastor, preacher, priest, or other church personnel

  • In special circumstances and with prior approval from the school, a Parent/Guardian

What Students Need To Know and Do:

If a student is affiliated with a partner school, then they must have the form completed by the school administration. If the student is a homeschooler or a Sevenstar Academy student, then they must have their proctor form approved by Sevenstar Administration.

Students are expected to submit a completed proctor form for each online course. This form cannot be emailed or faxed. Students are expected to provide their proctor with their teacher's email address for easy communication. Only the designated proctor will receive the password.

The completed proctor form will be submitted in the student orientation folder for each course. A copy of the proctor form is also located here and at the bottom of this article.

What the Proctor Needs to Know and Do:

As the proctor, you will certify that you will proctor a student’s online assessment and that you understand and agree to the following statements: 

·         I will uphold the Standards of Academic Integrity and Proctor Procedures for Online Exams.

·         I will have internet access at the testing site to allow the student to access their online exams.

·         I will email the teacher of the course 7 days ahead of time to obtain the password for each exam. 

·         I will obtain the teacher email from the student for each course.

·         I understand that only the teacher of the course can provide the exam password.

·         I agree to type in the password for the student at the time of the exam.

·         I will remind the student that they cannot access any resources during the exam.

·         I will not assist the student in any way to answer the questions on their exam.

·         I will remind the student to upload any final assignments they need to submit before taking the exam.

What the Teacher Needs to Know and Do:

How to find the exam password:

Go into the course, click on Editor, go to the syllabus section, go to the exam, then select Edit as shown in the screenshot.

When the edit area opens, on the far right side look for Assessment Settings and click on it.

When the Assessment Settings area opens look for Password.  You can then send the password to the proctor.

If the password is encrypted and you do not remember the password, please change the password and select Save.  You can learn more about the encrypted password here