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Teacher answer keys are available for most courses, however, not for all courses.  If your course has a teacher answer key the answer key will be located under Teacher Resources.

In most courses, to review available answer keys, you will:

  1. Under the folder “Teacher Resources” you will select “Provider Answer Keys and Teacher Information.”
  2. You will follow the instructions to access the available answer keys or resources.
  3. You will search the course list for the name of the course.
    1. If multiple courses exist you will select the correct course by name and version number.
    2. A few notes on Version Numbers for FLVS course content:
    3. If you see 12_2 we refer to this as 12.2.
    4. If you see multiple courses with different extension letters, EX. GS TX, always choose the answer key that only has a GS and no additional letters.
    5. Some courses may have slightly different names.  Example: American History and US History.
    6. Course Specific Naming:
      1. MS should appear before each Middle School course.
      2. Learning Recovery = CR Course Name
      3. MS Math 3 = Pre-Algebra
      4. Biology = Biology 1
      5. Chemistry = Chemistry 1
      6. MS Language Arts I, II, III = MS Language Arts 6, 7, 8
      7. AP United States Government and Politics = AP US Government and Politics
      8. United States Government = American Government
      9. United States History = American History
      10. English I, II, III, IV = English 9, 10, 11, 12
      11. Prepme Act = ACT Test Preparation
  4. You can find the correct version number of your course by doing the following:
    1. Logging into Maestro
    2. Selecting the Courses tab
    3. Select the Name of the course
    4. Version number can be found on the field labeled “Version”